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Sixpence None The Richer - Kiss Me

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One day at home with the housemates and bam, I’m right back to feeling shit. This environment is toxic.


Late night quick sketch; thoughts, charcoal, & paint


I might be too young to settle down and marry, but I’m definitely too old to be playing anymore games. I’m too old to just be talking to someone, too old to not know what’s really going on, and too old to be entertaining somebody with no intentions of making it work. At this age, I’m only interested in consistency, stability, respect and loyalty. And I want to hear someone tell me that they love me and know they goddam mean it.


Rest in Peace, you wonderful and talented human being.


careers to consider when I finish uni:

  • girl in 1960s Paris with winged eyeliner and a fringe who sits in cafes and bars and drinks sherry
  • WWII war nurse
  • muse for a late 19th century artist
  • archaeologist in the 30s
  • suffragette
  • background character in a Wodehouse story
  • incorporeal sense of vague dissatisfaction
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A 1887 handwritten draft of Whitman’s 1865 poem “O Captain! My Captain!

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Backyard pool built into the existing limestone quarry. Love it!

Holy Jesus

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